About our company

The story starts with Olimpio Pacitti, from Italy, the land of the gelato. He established the business with his wife, Angelina Faccenda, in 1931. That’s right – in Belgium! It was the opening chapter in a tale of success.

Today, more than 90 years later, Le Vesuve’s managers still preside over the growth of this beautiful, traditional family business by striking a harmonious balance.

Delicious biscuits and safe and controlled production

As well as being delicious, our biscuits are also made in a safe environment. We’re proud to say that we hold BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety AA certification. Every day we work under the watchful eye of our in-house quality coordinator Eva Eeman.

Expertise and tradition!


Albertino Hebbelinck, Biscuiterie Le Vesuve’s taste-maker. His passion for quality maintains our carefully crafted techniques and recipes. Hundreds of satisfied ice cream makers have been served for more than 90 years, and Albertino is continuing that tradition.

“Our customers can build and rely on our expertise”

Food safety!


Eva Eeman and her team control the entire production process!

Every biscuit must end up in its packaging in perfect condition, be dispatched impeccably and be delivered to the customer with meticulous care.

By the time our biscuit reaches your ice cream, it will have been checked and found safe. Thumbs up.

We’ve invested in automation, hygiene and product development, and make products for many leading companies in Belgium and elsewhere. Value for money is paramount within a quality management system.